Finally bit the dust

Well after about six years, losing about several, keys and numerous screen freezes I decided it was time  to retire my Toshiba. It had been through a lot especially going back and forth down to Cape May before we moved down permanently I admit I haven't been gently with it at times but it has served me well. I used to help me get one the air with PSK,, was  used to view numerous videos, YouTube and other videos. Also I have explored my writing even more with this machine than all others combined. Sadly some of the keys started popping off and when I tried to replace them the keys b roke off. I got to the point were if I wanted to  type an "X" I needed to  find a webpage with an "X" on it, copy it and then past it  where I needed that letter.  Which made writing anything substantial a real pain. Still I held on to it because it  felt like an old  friend.

As it was breaking down I knew I needed to back it up. When my folks went up to Sam's Club I went right for the external hard drives and bought  a 2 TERABYTE external harddrive. I copied all of my files, which I think took a whopped .0001% of the total space. Needless to say I have all the room in the world! I can't believe it was under $50 up there, I didn't even think twice. I am relieved I now had everything off my computer and won't be panicking later!

I started changing some habits even before it was on it's last legs. Firefox started becoming a real pain even before the laptop starting acting up, so with Sean's podding I switched over to Google Chrome which was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had a Google account, which is linked to this blog, my hang up was I didn't know how to transfer all my bookmarks over from FireFox too easily. When I figured out the bookmarks are also saved to your Google account, which goes anywhere, I was hooked. Since I spend most of my work on the computer is on the Internet, Google Chrome was easier to switch to than I first imagined!! I now feel comfortable just signing out of my account then signing ba ck it when I get my own laptop back. I always wanted to be truly portable, now Google Chrome is indeed the right ticket!

Since mom has taken a liking to the  IPAD, I decided to take over her laptop. This happened the last time my laptop died, although she didn't have her IPAD,so there was some friction! Although now she has the IPAD, the laptop is MINE, well until I get a replacement, if ever!!! 

As for a replacement I don't think I'll go for another Toshiba but right now I am keeping all options on the table! I'm even looking at Chromebooks, yes I do  think Google should be paying me for the endorsement