Travels with Clark

Before I get to the license plate meet itself I must, include a little background. Clark Wothe, who is in charge of ALPCA's eleven different regions has been trying to get to a meet in every region. He lives in Arizona and is always travelling for business and has like a million air miles. Since moving topCape May I have been attempting to invite anybody and everybody down to visit us.  I've have other ALPCA members stop by, even Gary Walker all the way from Australia!! However Clark was different. Every where he travels on business, he sends me a post card, I literally have cards from all over the country, the money he spends. Clark says he's "extreme" a few weekends ago.  I had a chance to  play "tour guide. We started out at where else but the Cape May Lighthouse. While it wasn't open to climb I took Clark on a tour of Cape May State Park

Our tour then took us to   Atlantic City to meet Lucy the Elephant.  Oddly enough for all the times I have been to Atlantic City, I have never visited Lucy. It's funny people who live in New Jersey rarely visit the the sites, only we we have company. Clark wanted to see it all so we saw it all!

We strolled along the Atlantic City Boardwalk and made our way to the  war memorial, another place I haven't had the chance to go. I was doing these things for the first time myself and was excited to do it in the off-season!! The weather is still warm down here and it wasn't windy so we enjoyed the stroll to the War Memorial where I snapped a couple of decent shots.

On Saturday morning was the plate meet itself in Pennington, NJ which is actually right near my brother's house.  Clark and I got up around 4:30 am to make the almost 2 1/2 hour trek north to right outside Trenton. This was only our second\ plate meet outside of Bergen County, the other obviously being in Atlantic City. The  meet was at the Pennington Fire Company No. 1. It was an overwelming success,. besides Clark, we had another collector from Arizona, folks from California, North Carolina ands V This time I was too busy  helping with the meet itself to get any decent pictures, but someone from the meet sent me a few shots.