Making a call

Alright this is like catching lightning in a bottle, but I actually made it to a fire call. No I didn't see flames shooting fifty feet in the air like you see on TV, but I was excited. The fire was in the back of the house but I got to see all the coming and goings as well as a handful of towns working together. The wonder is I actually got beyond a road block by sweet talking one of the female police officers into letting me in.I also told a little white lie because I said I would be right back and then eventually rolled out of there when the mutual aid started to pull out. Hillsdale, Montvale, Park Ridge and even the folks from River Vale showed up! The fire was in the back of the house, so I can't really comment! Anyway below is the page sent out over the fire buff pagers
A/C/W EAN503/ EAN388. 10:04a.m.

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Cathy said...

my old neighbor used to be a fireman, and i asked his wife what it was like when he would leave in the middle of the night and not come back for hours. I wouldn't be able to handle it, but she said you get used to it. He was awesome and taught me a lot of things, like when you don't see flames (deep in the fire), that's when the fire is the hottest and you have to GET OUT OF THERE.