It would have been nice

One of the most common themes of this blog is travel. Either before, during or after a trip, I usually jot a few thoughts down. I could have been the trip to Tennessee,which required multiple enteries or a trip upto the winery, where one was more than enough. Travel is very important to write about because it helps me remember the good times. So writing a trip NOT taken seems to be a little "off" but stick with me!
I have mentioned before that I have been collecting license plates for awhile, eleven years to be exact. I mentioned the club I belong to has a convention every year where we gather to trade plates and stories. Well this year the Convention is goinng on right now in sunny California! I almost had my folks flying with me out there, but "life happens". While I am disappointed I am not rubbing elbows with some of my friends. However that is the way it goes when you can't drive or even cut your own food.
Collectors say the convention is a lot more than tens of thousands of license plates, the two conventrions I did get to were proof. I wrote in the e-mail to the collector list that I wondered who showed up with what display. There were also a few Californians out there cruising around in antique cars and hot rods.
After a few days of mulling this entry over I decide to add one final note to this little narrative. There are a few collectors who seem to make the trip look easy. I resp onded to one such e-mail by saying, "if you pick me up at the airport, yeah I'll go!
Although it did spark an interesting response from a ]fellow collector who offered to meet me at next year's convention...........stay tuned!!

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