Writing while Intoxicated

Since I can't drive, drunk or otherwise, I figured tonight was the night I do a little experimenting. Yes ladies and gentleman I am drunk and there's no telling what I'll write. F or the record I juszt had four glasses of wine during and after a nice lobster dinner. This might be a mistake but it 's not like anyonce
I have just suffered through the movie "Ten th ings I hate about you" and am now onto "Runaway Bride" but I am too lazy toi change the channelLV livng


The rare stuff

A few month ago I posted a fairly exciting post about signing on from home with PSK-31.. Here's a little update for those wondering. I have 14 states , confirmed meaning I have received cards from at least 14 people in different states. For those who are wondering, I am running 15 watts which when hitting states like New Mexico isn't an easy task. Since I am using the keyboard people can definitely understand me over the air. To refresh your memory this isn't anything like IMing over the Internet, it takes a lot of patience and sifting through a lot of noise. It also is a matter of timing, a station could be could be booming in one minute and drop out just as quick, even quicker.
I also en joy sending out and receiving QSL cards, which are written confirmations of the contact. Being the clever computer guy I am, I have designed my own QSL card with the Baymen's Heritage license plate and posted it on Bergenscanner.com. Getting the cards give ham's a real sense of accomplishment.
Since this blog has a few radio entries in it such as Field Day Fingering 2005 and Field Day Fingering 2006, I figured maybe people would be encouraged to hop on the air themselves. There's a thrill about reaching other people across the country and around the world that I can't explain. Part of it is I am a US geography buff. Maybe that's the reason why I collect license plates.
I have decided I need to; start adding more of these kinds of entries. So when a rare state pops up on the screen, I'll try to include a little blurp about it on here. Kind of like an online log of contacts! If you are a ham that would like to setup a contact with me, drop me a line using the links at the right of the screen. I look forward to hearing from you on the air!!