Working on simplex

A few days ago I was listening on the national simple frequency, 146.5200 and heard a mobile station going over the Tappan Zee Bridge. I was intrigued because the c'allsign was from "3land" meaning the station was from either Pennslyvania, Delaware or Maryland. He said he was on his way to Vermont with his friend who was also a ham. The conversation was the usually chit chat which I have had before. However this time, as a person who is starting to acquire QSL card I was excited these two gentlemen were willing to chew the fat for a few rounds. It's also nice to see my radio can work simplex from that distance
Although it hasn't been the first time I have worked far away on this Kenwood has gotten into the city and even down to to Manahawkin in Monmouth County on simplex. Then there's a guy in the city who has linked simplexes on different bands. Pretty neat talking through a linked system. I was talking to a guy on 440 via a 2 meter link.
The RACES net I'm in twice a month also works on simplex so I get to listen into all parts of Bergen County and see how my rig does reaching them.
So if a ham out there is interested in meeting up on simplex, I monitor 146.520 all the time so drop ,e a call sometime and let's do some ragchewing.
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