PV Class of 1998 Reunion

Alright followers of this blog must be doing a double take because about a year ago I wrote about the 1997 Class reunion. Well a little background. If you read the June 24 th you'll figure out I did high school in five years instead of four. Well both the Class of 97 and the Class of 98 made me one of their own so I went to two junior and two senior proms, going to two ten year reunions seemed like the natural progression. Besides Jeff has been wanting me to reunite with an old buddy Mike Miller, another PV alumni, and I didn' t want to disappoint him. I also worked hard those fives years to make friends and I wanted to see how everyone was doing
Ironically it was in the same place as last year so that was a bit of a downer. Last year I got a ride this year I had to rely on Mom and Dad's Taxi (a downer in itself.) Even though I would never convince anyone I got there 45 minutes before the event started just so nobody would notice they dropped me off. OK I screwed up the times AGAIN!
The reunion itself was a blur not because I drank too much but I did more listening than talking. Same old reunion crap, how have you been, do you know who got married, etc. Although my discussions about my traveling adventures sparked some interest. I forg ot to mention this site but I am c onvince if people want to findx me, I'm just a Google search away.
Lastly I missed seeing Lauren, a high school friend who I haven't seen in years. I really do miss her a lot especially around this time of year. I'm reminded the night before Thanksgiving in 199 7 when we went to a dance together. I haven't e-mail her lately either don't know why.
As my evening winded down I once again felt anxious in the beginning but soon after calmed down after a few drinks i n me1 For the record I probably will get roped into this again in another ten years
Unlike last year I didn't wind up going to the Cornerstone
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