A chance encounter-- Part I

It all started with a "reluctant"| trip to TJ Maxx with my mom in Westwood. We were nearby and she just conned me with "just a quick peek". We were roaming around and suddenly an old friend from Woodcliff Middle School walk through the doors......Allison. She was another member of the Wodcliff Lake Bunch that didn't go over to Pascack Hills. Now I won't going into complete details but th e switch was great for both of us. Neither she nor I really ever fitted in with the "Woodcliff Lake School" crowd, she moved to Park Ridge after grade school in Woodcliff Lake. (More about this in Part II)
So Allison and I moved on to bigger and better things. Now I can lie and say we all of sudden reunited at TJ Maxx last night, when the truth is we've seen each other on and off for years. We always promised we'd get together and catch up, but never did. So last night SHE suggested we go out for a drink. Of course given my past experiences with that line (with other girls), I was automatically skeptical, but she gave me her # and after dinner I dialed the number. Of course I got voice mail and left a message. A few minutes later I found a message on my Facebook page saying the phone line was busy (thanks Mom)! Anyway we finally connected and it was decided we go to the Cornerstone (what else is new). So of course I was very excited.
The music in the Cornerstone seemed louder than usual so she suggested we "move on"=.......to Hoboken! Now here's a sign of someone who knows a lot about me. Allison said we'd go to one bar and that I wouldn't have to walk far. I cautiously reminded her I knew my own limitations and assured her I was up to the task. So we got into the car and headed towards the Parkway. To be continued with A Chance Encounter--Part II

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