Remembering Allendale

A little while ago I was reminded of a dark memory......the death of my grandfather a few years ago. It seems someone is losing their father the same way, and out of respect I won't mention who, don't ask. However upon hearing this news I remembered how my grandfather suffered throughout the holidays. I remember the last Christmas he spent with us, his spot on the couch was replaced by a medical bed. The pain patches and other medications were placed on the exact spot where "important papers" once occupied a glass table in between the couch and the TV. I vividly remember the way the house "felt" that Christmas. After years of joyous events that went on, weddings, baptisms and numerous holidays within the walls. It was the site where I had visited every Sunday for dinner, the smells only grandma's kitchen couldx make. Or during the summer when grandpa would grill outside while watching us swim.
I remember the basement...the grandkids "office space" my cousins and I went into a pretend business. Of course me being the oldest I was the boss. While I won't go into- details suffice it to say that basement was better than my own basement in a lot of ways. One year my grandparents got me a t oy drum set and my mother insisted it stay in THEIR basement
Now another Christmas Eve is upon us, for years we have had it at our house, even before Grandpa got sick. Although I have to admit sometimes I still go past their street with Sean and wonder about the family living their now. You know what kid have what roooms. If they are enjoying ther pool.. I hope they fill it with the love we did
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