POCO/Loggins and Messina LIVE at PNC 8/22/09

Here's something for you folks to ponder: Is there a better way to cap off a great summer than a POCO/Loggins and Messina Concert? I think not! Sean and I had been planning this night for months. It started off as a dare, we went to a POCO concert in Wyckoff a few years back and said if they were ever touring again we'd go. When Loggins and Messina announced they were teaming up with POCO, Sean said it was a no brainer. We got tickets back in April and every few weeks we would remind each other it was coming up. Finally the big night came and we had a blast.
It was a bit of a rocky start because it was raining on and off all day, although our seats were protected by the overhang at the PNC Bank Arts Center so we weren't too concerned. The drive down consisted of comments like "It's passing" and we'll be alright and we were right on the money. Even though dark clouds followed us down there and we drove into a brief shower, we didn't get wet. By the time we took our seats, it was just very overcast and even a cool breeze was blowing.
POCO was the opening act, which was the driving force to get Sean to go. Even though the drive was a bit hairy by the time they start both Sean and I were slowly relaxing. They played for a good 45 minutes before Jim Messina joined them. They played all of their hits and Jim Messina's guitar playing was excellent. The "opening act" was a class act!!
I will never forget the introduction Jim Messina gave Kenny Loggins. You could tell that even though they broke up and reunited they always remained friends throughout the years. You could tell they have aged a lot but they still have the same spark. I have wanted to see Loggins and Messina in concert ever since my friend Cathy from high school introduced their music to me back in 1997
It was a fun night for Sean too, once we got t here. I caught glimpses of him tapping his feet to the beat of the music!
The intermission was interesting because I met this fellow that was in a bad car accident. We chatted for a bit and he just was such a nice guy I needed to give him a shoot out. The pitiful thing on my part is I forgot his name, so did Sean. Hey it was the end of the evening g and we were both tired. So if he's out there reading this entry, drop me a line at kc2gik@justinmattes.com and you'll get proper recognition
Also if anyone happens to know any POCO members or Loggins and Messina drop them this website. Ya I know the chances are slimmer than I am that they'll actually read this entry. However I did write an e-mail to Kenny Loggins once and his simple reply months later gave me the inspiration to continue composing, whether it be poetry, letters...or this blog

Kenny wrote:

God Bless
Keep in touch....and keep writing


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