First mobile post from Pete's apartment in Philly

Well this is yet another first -- a mobile post! On 09/09/09 I wrote about getting a new Toshiba laptop. At first I was going to wait to post something from a location other than home, but I was so excited I could wait. Well this week I'm in sunny Philidelphia visiting with my brother Pete while my folks are in Delaware! So this is my first official post from the road. Of course Pete has wireless Internet a major Godsend since I'll be here all week. He works out of his apartment, actually his office is in his bedroom. Technically he's working...in sweat pants and the same shirt he wore yesterday. Although he goes on the road travelling to oil refineries and stuff making sure the pumps are working properly
He also has his pet birds, Goldie and Charlie to keep him company. He got them when he still lived in Woodcliff Lake so I am used to them flying around him room and landing on furnitre.
Although Charlie's favorite pervch is people. When they were still up in Woodcliff Lake my dad would play them. Charlie would fly on anybody's shoulder if they let him. Goldie is a bit more reserved. They would never come to me at home, but Charlie came to my shoulder a few minutes after I settled in.
I visited n*Pete for the day when he first moved in. That was back during Easter with Mom and Dad. So this is my first official trip down here! While it's only Monday it's alright so far. Stay tuned I might drop a LINE later in the week


Remember 9/11

I had something all planned out for this post. It was going to be about how the country, even though people at strugglinmg is still pluggin along after that
tragedy that struck us eight years ago today.n Then I saw Glenn Beck (yes I do watch him) and his monologue today included the usual patriotic themes like many other newcasters today. Then Beck turned anmgry, not at Muslim extremists or other terrorist doing harm, but at the US. At first I thought it would be a pointless bathering, but then he asked an amazing question:Why aren't the towers rebuilt? Beck then rattled off other great engineering feats America has accomplished in modern times, like the Hoover Dam which started construction back in 1931 and was completed in 1936! How about the Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago? They broke ground in 1970 and was COMPLETED three years later!! Folks something is wrong here!
While I would never attempt to put myself in the families of victims' shoes, it just seems the best way to spit in the face of the folks who killed my love one is to rebuild the sym bolt they knmocked down.
On that day eight years ago people said, "We are all Americans!", now it's back the same old thing. Who's screwing up this or let's blame this person for that problem. It doesn't solve anything and nothing gets done
If people really want to honor those who died that day, do something to fill the void down at the lower end of Manhattan. Let use the sense of patriotism and unity we all felt that day to rebuilt what those cowards knocked down!


Multiple topics

As all of you know today is 09/09/09. I wanted to write something good today to mark the occasion and I haves two options. First off I am now typing this on my brand new Toshiba laptop!! Yes the HP finally kicked the bucket about a moth and I have been using my parents' computer downstairs which has caused friction between my dad and I. It seems he always has to check his stocks the exact same time I want to check my e-mail. So after weeks of debate I bought this Toshiba notebook yesterday. Well mom picked it up on her way home from work. It has everything I need now let's hope I have enough control to bang it, accidentally or "otherwise. I'm still getting used to the keyboard but it's really not that bad. I haven't figured out the wireless part of it yet, yes I have a wireless modem, but it's left over from my brother Pete and setting it up requires a "magical touch" ahem Sean ahem. However despite still being tethered to a desk I do enjoy this new toy. For all you PSK-31 folks I haven't hooked kmy radio up to it yet, but all in due time!! If anyone out there wants to give me a hand.. (hint,hint)
Alright I said multiple topics and here is the second, Obama's speech on health care and the Republican response. Well I can't get into every aspect, so I'll go for my hottest topic, the insurance reform/tort reform debate. If you have read my writings on medical malpractice issues, my position is clear. Even if you haven't read everything, you could guess where I stand. Many of you know I have testified in front of Congressional committees about medical malpractice. I am strongly oppose tort reform and have voted for Democrats 3/4 of the time because of it. Obama did go on this front because he did go after the insurance companies. However he had in the audience tonight a person without insurance. He could have gone one step further and invited a medical malpractice victim too.


Slow August---NOT

I was just looking at posts I made the last few years and it seems every August I hit a "slow time" for writing on justinmattes.com. Some might think it's because there's not much going on, but in reality there's a lot going on. So much that I have a hard time finding the time, or the energy, to write about it all. Let's see here I think we'll try something new here...
Well the very first day of August I had the Stony Point Lighthouse Activation...this time I was ready with my YAESU radio to do PSK. Even though I only made 19 contacts, the day couldn't have been better. Unlike the rest of the summer the weather was perfect, sunny low humidity and a light breeze off the Hudson River. The group we had was perfect it included 90% of the 10-70 Board and some geust operators. We had a blast and again vowed to make the trip again next year. Although with Howie moving to Reno, it might be tricky. A little aside I did write an article about the day's activities so I managed to slip a writing project in as well.
The next weekend was the big Woodcliff Lake Fire Dept Wetdown of their new ladder truck. So I did take some good shots and had fun with the guys. Again great weather was a real bonus and the shots I took were great. I even got invited for a hardy steak dinner afterwards
I recouped from that outing with my yearly trip up to see Gail and Michael. Gail is one of my former high school teachers. However since I actually met her before high school (she accompanied me on the 8th grade trip to Boston) she let me call her Gail.. Anyway her husband Mike is a photographer and he had a show to do the weekend I went up so I help them setup and take down. It is always nice t o see them and it gets me out of dad's hair.
Then a week after returning from Deposit, Sean ands I went to the Loggins and Messina concert which is when I broke down and wrote an entry! We had gotten the tickets back in the spring so this was a long time coming....and as you read well worth the wait. I had to break my silence for that event
Then to cap off the month I attende kMike and Karolina's wedding. Mike has been my brother Petey's friend since grade school. I have watched him grow up just like all of Pete's friends. Imagine my surprise when they invited me to their wedding. I was touched by the gesture. It was very exciting and we all had a great time!
Well there it is, all in one single post!!!! How's that for a recap?