PSKFest 2010

Ok the final sign I am back on the air is my first contest which was the PSKFst 2010, the first major PSK event of the year! I tell you it wasn't a disappointment because I cracked down and really got going. Although admittedly I did take a few breaks. One of the aspects of good contesting is endurance because you see the same callsigns after awhile and it can get frustraing. However I posted decent qso count which was pretty exciting.Truthfully I just don't want to come in dead last in my catergory . Anyway it way a great way to start the new year on the air!!!


Logsheet for 2010 PSKFest

Contest Results for 2010 PSKFest


Few vistiors

I always wanted to write but waited for a time when other writing was at a lull. There are indeed a few thingsI have in the works but one of the things I added quite awhile ago called "Feedjit" whhich tracks the locations of IP addresses, not the actually IPs. It also tracks what websites people come from.I have the link to the blog on a few signature lines for forums I post on. It also trackswho came on here directly by entering the url
Here's a sampling of the visitors that came on this site directly within the last week

Charlestown, IN
Bear, DE


KC2GIK's Ham Shack

Well after years of looking at shacks, it was time I built my own, with the help with my mom. Real simple the top shelf is my BC996T. Bottom shelf BC15, a Radio Shack Weather Radio and Yaesu FT-897 which is hooked up to the Toshiba Satallite Laptop on the right.


Finds comments upsetting,undeserved

This appeared in the January 1st edition of The Community Life .

It concerns me deeply that a citizen of our town can be as vicious as Mr. O'Brien was when writing about the ethics investigation of Mrs. Howley. He accusing her of downright stealing from the borough which is untrue and un fair because Howley did in fact pay for the items in question, so the borough didn't give her "something for nothing".
She did the honorable thing by inquiring on how she could pay the back taxes, which to me seems to amount to pennies on the dollar. Is this what politics in Woodcliff Lake has come to?
Howley said she may have saved $5 or $8 over the course of five years by using the Borough's discount card. Let's be clear taxes on these items go to the State of New Jersey , not the Borough of Woodcliff Lake. I don't see the tax collectors knocking on Mrs. Howley's door over something so minor. She openly admitted she used a lack of judgment, something we all do from time-to-time and came clean about it. Mrs. Howley paid more than the back taxes O' Brien sees only this says the ethics laws are black and white, but any lawyer would argue all laws are up for interpretation.
Mrs. Howley did in fact breach ethics laws, but instead of making excuses she admitted her mistake and did everything in her power to fix them. She did this only after an extensive review of her actions. Not because she was avoiding the issue, but she wanted to make sure all of the facts were on the table before she commented. With all the talk about government responding hastily and without all the facts, I would think Mr. O'Brien would at least acknowledge Mrs. Howley's thoroughness on this issue. O' Brien asks "Where are the financial checks and balances?" I ask where is the call for the CFO's resignation? It was his responsibility to review the purchases, point out Mrs Howley's errors and gave her a chance to correct them.
I have known Mrs. Howley all my life. She has been an asset to Woodcliff Lake numerous volunteering ventures to her kindness to citizens. She has done so much for this community for so long I fine it very difficult to believe she is capable of doing this on purpose.
Justin Mattes
Woodcliff Lake,NJ

Community Life Online Letters for 12/31/09