Google wishes Pacman a happy 40th birthday

It started out when I opened Firefox web browser this morning I heard what sounded like Pacman noises coming from my computer speakers. I skimmed the Yahoo homepage(the startup page on my Firefox) and no Pacman references so I shut Firefox and reopend it. Again the fimilar sounds of the game where now growing from a cute flashback into an annoyance was still there. I shutdown Firefox a second time and reopened it. Problem was still there, I could feel my blood pressure rising and my paitence fell by the second. Once again I closed and reopend Firefox, did a virus check on my computer, everything was Kosher. I again turned the sound on again and bam. So that caused me to throw my mouse and broke it. Thankfully it didn't hit the screen!! I finally figure out that Firefox's browser feature on the address bar constantly pulls feed from the browser's in the drop down menu. So when I deleted the Google section from the website, the mysterious Pacman sounds went away
So here it is Google, youi tried to do a good thing and you wound up annoying you users so much they haveconsidered never using you again. I spend my Friday uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox and now I need a new mouse, all because you wanted to celebrate a yellow head chopping on tiny white dots while avoiding ghosts. Notthe brightest thing  Google havs done!!!


Enough is enough--Political Incorrectness

Students Sent Home Over American Flag Shirts

I was doing my usual morning  surfing and came across the above disturbing articel  where students were sent home for wearing American flag shirts yesterday during the Cinco de Mayo celebration. The reason: it might offended  people.  You have go to be kidding me? This is an absolute outrage! I bet if they were wearing Mexican flag shirts they would have been cheered. I also bet if you walked around Mexico City wearing the American flag on the Fourth of July, you'd be called racist. I also wonder if I went down to Mexico and called one of the they companies they'd say You think they were wear swatiskas for God's sake.Another thing where are those bunch of cowards also known as the ACLU??
It's gotten out of hand and needs to be stopped. The founding fathers must be rolling in their graves. 
Yesterday was supposed to be a celebration of Mexican heritage which is a wonderful thing. I'm all for it, but I won't sit here and do nothing while people spit on the flag of myt country. The key is tolerance should work both ways. I see a big problem with people labelling everything they personally disagree with as being racial.  Someone needs to tell them that wanting people who want laws followed isn'tracist! Wanting secure borders isn't racist. Wanting people to speak our langauge isn'tracist!! It's time we take back thisc counrty!!