I have been collecting license plates for fifteen years and have heard the war stories of  people getting screwed out of plates. Every now and then some piece of trash gives collectors the real run around andit's mostly annoying. However nothing prepared me for what I was getting into when I first starting talking to Juan Esperenza. Like  all new collectors he wanted every plate under the sun and started  "friending" people on Facebook. Of course since I was friends with fellow ALPCA members I accepted, pretty soon the nightmare began. Juan started making bad deals and bidding on plates with no intention of buying them. This obviously ticked a lot ofpeople off, so he was running out of people who would want to deal with him. He then started messaging me on Facebook because I had thrown a few plates, that wer never for for sale Every single plate I  put on my Facebook page he asked if  it was for trade, I said no. Finally after months of harrasment I told him I had a few NewJersey plates for him if he send me some plates first. He wanted to know why and I said some people have had bad dealings with him and thinking it over I decided  the trade was off. Let me make that clear NO PLATES ever got sent through the mail in either direction. I had thought the deal folded... He kept bugging via and I just hit the delete key.
A few weeks later  the e-mails gentle turned into threats, he even called my house while I was in Arlington. He even tried calling the police which got nowhere. He called my house again and my dad announced if he contacted me again, we would call the police. Finally Juan had the nerve to file a complaint with ALPCA's Complaint Chairman who  repeated asked him to proove HE SENT ME PLATES,which he obviously never sent. Jerkweed Juan refused to come up with the details of the deal  because he didn't aagree to my terms. The Complaint Chairman, who I have met at every convention  and is the nicest guy, request Jerkweed Juanstop contacted me, Juan still to this day insists I screwed him. Well he doesn't know what screwing is, . Since he refuses to stop harrassing me I am taking it to the next level. He wants [plates, well here's his address and phone number, tell him Justin Mattes wishes he cuts his hand on a rusty plate and gets a nasty infection. I got  his address from one of his stupid e-mails and  his phone # off my caller  id. Let him know how you feel about what he's done to not only me, but countless other collectors
Juan Esperanza
3262 W.  16th Ave
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 606-2258

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