"Somewhere in Texas George W. Bush is laughing........."

I have been blogging for years and been reading articles on the Internet, mainly linked of Yahoo's site, even longer. After the articles there's a place where people can leave comments, the comments range fro-m intelligent dialogue to absolute absurdity. For the record I KNOW President Obama was born in Hawaii and George W. Bush WASN'T BEHIND 9/11! However every know and than someone posts a comment that blows me out of the water.
Like everyone in America I am horrified about what's going on in Lybia.  Ronald Regan was right to call Ghadafi a "mad dog". Personally I co-uld come up with a few more colorful descriptions, but there's too much violence on the internet and I don't want to add to it. We all agree Ghadafi is a bad guy who needs to go. The problem is it isn't that simple, as we found out in Afganistan and later Iraq. However I agree now the United States can't fight on a third front.  Although we can't let him continue his brutal dictatoship either. If you think I'm going to claim to have the answere you're crazier than Ghadafi, but I do have some advice for Obama, whatever you do, stick to it and don't back down. Everyone of your jcritics will back down.
You ever notice how whenever something goes wrong in the world, the United States  is always expected to help and then when the outcome isn't exactly the way we said, we get blamed? This has been a reoccuring theme since we became a super power. Well Obama is getting pounding from the right for not responding quick enough and hammered from the left  for interveining at all. While we're on this topic since when has establishing a "No-fly Zone" a definite act of war?
People reading th is may wonder where exactly I stand on this issue, with Obama of course. Those who whine about getting Congessional approval I challenge you to write your congresspersoon and ask them if killing people who can't defend themselves is alright. My belief is you need to help people who can't help themsselves. It's the height of hypocricy to whine about human rights then stand idly by when something can be done to help them. George W. Bush realized this and finally so does Barack Obama.
People say our involvement in Lybia will but very brief. All I read I have my doubts, although I don't expect it to drag on for years. I w oould like to see the UN for once finally take some responsibility and do something to help the people of Lybia, but we all know that's not going to happen. My thoughts and prayeres are with them
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