Rachel Dolezal harmed minorities

The minute the Rachel Dolezal story broke, I felt ill. It's like somebody sucker-punched me right in the balls/ A white woman posing as a black woman, what's next? I felt betrayed because people with disabilities are often the only ones who get called-out for portraying themselves as "victims". They are still the ones who automatically ands unfairly targeted for being "burdens" because to some degree it''s true.
Dolezal's problems where entirely her own doing, she made herself  a target, there's no other way around it.  It's on her birth certificate, it's in her DNA, SHE'S WHITE Yet she insists she is "transracial", a complete farse even in 2015.
I don't understand the premise of  "trans-racial" and Im not alone She's not "brave",l  she did not "come out". Her defenders have said Dolezal had to  struggle with "racial idenity" the ways some gays, lesibans and transgended people struggle with sexual idenity. This at the least nis foolish and at worst is dangerous. For years people have gone to extreme lengths to say sexually orientation is not a choice, I believe them. There is plenty of evidence to back this up. Also she's the only person TO "come out:".  Don't you  think if this was something real other people would "come-out" os "trans-racial"?  People are playing with fire when they comparig racial ideninty with sexual[ orientation because it  allows others to revert back to stereotypes people are trying to get past, it's a  choice.
If society accepts Dolezal, people will be making more outlandish claims. What if a Chinese baby grew up in China and one day decided she was German?  If Dolezal is really "trans-racial" why aren' t other  "trans-racial" people "coming out"? Why don't you see black people, born to black parents, coming out and proclaiming they're white? Usually when something like this happens other people step forward with similar backgrou nds. Nobody has stepped forward yet
 Take a look at her family.Her biological parents ARE white, all her other family ARE WHITE. A  w hite man and a white woman CAN'T physically produce a black ch ild. There no blacks anywhere in her immediately family tree.  Also love is more then physical attraction. For years people have been claiming race is only skin deep, but it's also a cultural identity as well that should be celebrated. Dolezal is turning that identity on its head and it does a disseevice to black people.