Another hoax?

As the news about the LA school "threat" flashed across the T.V., I just shrugged and said to myself, yet another hoax. Then one of the police officials stood at the bank of microphones and said those magical two words,  "credible threat", my ears perked. The sad reality in today's news either something tragic happens and we shake our heads or there's a threat, it is overblown and the finger pointing ensues. The ongoing theme is, "The good guys have to be right\ part of the time, the bad guys on;y have to  be right once. However a third dimension is the bad guys are turning the good guys bad because people overreact. The flip side is the moment we let our guard down, the bad guys attack. There is always a chance the threat is real and all threats are to be taken seriously.
The  events of today made people uneasy, especially because it was a school and there have been too manhy horrific events  targeting schools in recent years.  Even though nothing happened today, people see a school threatened and immediately have flashbacks of Sandy Hook and Columbine. There's was physical harm done, but the psychological impact won't go away so quickly. Is that all it takes now?  Someone  phoning in a phony threat? Well officials say the threat was "credible" and there's no reason not to accept it. In previous times people would let these events lessen their defenses. However I feel it will make things even more tense. It already has people talking, it's all over the news, and in this blog. The problem unlike when horrific events actually occur, the next time there's a hoax, I bet you today's events won't be mentioned.We will never be able to  balance the times we overreacted with the times we didn't react fast enough News of what didn't happen in LA will fade into the background, but I bet you the kids and teachers going to that school will now look over their shoulders a bit more.
Schools are doing the best they can to protect children and staff against these attacks, but the problem of balancing being aware of your  surroundings and not being in a constant state of panic needs to be addressed.. How much you want the bet school attendance will be down for the rest of the week, if not longer?  It is often said the terrorist win if we ignore warning signs, they also win if we are too scared that it interferes with our daily lives. I want to know when we start winnings?