Support Rob Sheehan

I just posted this on the Cool Cape May Facebook page in support of "Captain" Rob Sheehan. The use of quotation marks is denote Rob should really be Chief of the Cape  May Police While I can't go into details the basic Chief Sheehan got railroaded by a corrupt mayor and city manager. They took petty misunderstandings and  blew them into some kind of  criminal activity. After a year of court battles and mudslinging all charges against Rob were dropped, although technically he's still fighting the city

 It is really a shame what Rob Sheehan has gone through., I may not know him as long as some of you but I can tell you one thing there's not a nicer guy around Cape May. As for being police chief, Rob fits Cape May perfectly because he grew up here and understands how to run the department to keep the city, its residents, business owners, their employees,and visitors safe. There's something everyone needs to remember, even though Rob got demoted, he still has all the responsibilities as a police chief, without the title. This needs to be corrected and needs to be corrected NOW! Usually there are two sides to every story, not in this case. Those responsible for this nonsense took a simple oversight and just blew it way out of proportion just to drag Rob's name through the mud.. They have done everything they can to rip him to shreds...........but it hasn't worked. Rob is a good man and respects everyone he meets. As much as we all love Cape May, this entire debacle put a black eye on the city. Rob and his family need and deserve our continued support

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