No he's not Hitler

The most offensive this I have read on the Internet about Trump and seen on the Internet is the constant comparison to Adolf Hitler. The dictator of Germany in World War II was set on creating a "master race" and spreading it throughout the world. He wanted to dominate the world, and would have continued to invade Europe if the allies didn't stop him. It really was a world war because he really had this goal of world domination. See Hitler wanted to wipe Jews off the face of the Earth completely, he killed every Jew he could until he was stopped. Hitler would have invaded Europe and killed off anyone who stood in his way of creating the "Master Race" Trumps view of Muslims, agree or disagree, is to have Muslims who don't respect Western values to stay in the Middle East. He's not killing anybody It's not prejudice to put certain conditions on people coming into the country. We're also always preaching about going into things too quickly and not thinking things through before acting. My question has always been is why in the world would they want to come here? That again isn't "racism" that's a valid question that need to be debated, not shot down at first sight. There's proof they don't want to blend in, they want to change the United States, just look at Dearborn Michigan where the entire city would fit into Egypt better than the United States.
Bernie Sanders was against both the wars in Afghanistan and especially the war in Iraq, Trump was neutral. He said, and maintained that if we went to war we needed to do it better than leaving an unfinished war in Afganistan. Trump also said Saddam Hussein wasn't a threat to the United States. Trump didn't buy into George Bush's foreign policy, which is why most Republicans dislike him. Trump doesn't buy into the "spread democracy" theories of previous Republican presidential candidates, like Lindsay Graham and John McCain. The problem with people like, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren is they wanted to have one without the other. It was OK with him to leave dictators in place but you know we should bend over backwards to get people in those countries out and eventually into the United States, that was his biggest foreign policy fault. Which is basically what was wrong with the entire anti-war movement during the Bush years. \It was all good and fine people didn't want the US bombing "innocent victims" and all that, let alone "national building", but let's continue to send them aid that will never get to people who\ really need it. Let's just continue giving money to countries who hate America and our values, and let them into our country Trump's actually doing something that Democrats should love, getting the American nose out of the world's business.
If you drew an arch solely based on foreign policy terms and on the right people want the entire world to live in our version of democracy and the left who would let anybody into this country without being vetted. Trump's latest actions should really put America first, this is true. However they also leave other countries to deal with their own affairs without American interference. Trump's entire platform is to look out for America first. It's spreading American values without forcing them onto other countries Based on his actions now, Trump's LESS likely to start yet another military conflict unless the United States is directly attacked OR allies ask for our help. Since the 1960's there has been a forceful drive for acceptance, anything and everything goes and if you resist, you're a bigot. Well Trump[ is simply asking the people being brought here to accept, not fight American values.
Those who arguing this will inspire other attacks of terrorism need to reread the previous paragraph more than once. I do fault Donald Trump for not conveying his thought clearly. That was really Trump's biggest mistake because he left enough room for the Democrats to needle him on it. The "old premise" against the war on terrorism is that it turned peaceful Muslims into radical murderers was preached repeatedly at every turn would be the ultimate argument against. These were the same people who said the Afgan and Iraq "invasions" were a horrible idea. Their basic premise was just leave them alone. Well Trump is basically leaving these people alone. It's actually pretty live and let live philosophy. George W. Bush was too forceful, Barack Obama was too forgiving, Trump is beginning to restore balance here. The "America First" is all-inclusive, it's not "America ONLY", people need to step back and think about what that statement really means.


He's president

A lot of anticipation, and some resentment, is swirling around last week about Donald Trump being sworn in as 45 th President of the United states. Although obviously not everyone is so happy. From woman''s groups, to college students to people with disabilities. There are literally "million marches" for all the groups who fear what Trump will do now he occupies the Oval Office. It seems he's already rolled back some of the environmental regulations and is in this process of replacing Obamacare. He nominated some controversial people to his Cabinet and made Democrats very nervous. People against him see all these moves as an attack on democracy but those people praised Obama for doing the same thing eight years ago. The protesters aren't happy, ironically they think the system is indeed "rigged" which is ironically what Donald Trump was saying all throughout the election! Which in my eyes just reinforces the checks and balances are working well. People who moaned over those who questioned Obama' entire presidency are now automatically call for Trump's removal....he's been in office less than two weeks Never mind the Republicans control both houses of Congress and even if Trump were kicked out of office tomorrow. It's like the forgot what happened eight years ago when the birther movement kept dogging Barack Obama, which was started by Hillary Clinton. President Obama's supporters pretended it was Trump who started the movement, he just kept it going The conspiracy theories are flying, first they'll come for the Internet. The Monday after Trump was sworn in a bunch of government websites went down. The Internet went woild with rage saying President Trump will shutdown all kinds of agencies because their Twitter feeds went dark. This was only highlighted when Trump's victory in November was partial due to the fact he used, sometimes abused, Twitter to go directly to the people. I resisted the urge to follow Trump on Twitter, even though I support him. I thought that's one thing that kept my sanity. This also backs into the Clinton e-mail scandal. Looking at both these things as someone with knowledge about social media, and someone who sometimes gets in trouble with social media, I understand the urge to jump on Trump, many people did, they also went after his family. Over the course of the campaign we saw Trump get into Twitter wars. While most cringe, I understood Trump's urge to respond quickly. I have more often than not responded when I was attacked instead of letting it go. It always back fired and sometimes does more damage to yourself than the person who attacked you. This is new because it started with George W. Bush, he didn't respond, he took the high road and ignore it. Barack Obama had the most Internet-savvy presidency, it also helped that most of the tech-world is die\hard 'Democratic. So his gaffes were mostly covered up if not erased, because tech people lean Democratic! My advice to President Trump is take President Obama's lead and use the Internet, especially social media very carefully. The President has heeded warnings, so far, let's see ho w long that lasts. Most of Trump's detractors want him to slip up on social media and pounce immediately. I voted for Donald Trump because I lost faith in Obama and therefor never had faith in Hillary Clinton. People who say her e-mail scandal wasn't a big deal don't understand cyber security. Donald Trump has his own successes and failures, but he's a negotiator. It's yet to be seen whether those skills will break the jam up in Washington! I saw past the Tweets and the off the cuff comments, I feel there were needed to make Trump feel real. I hope he's successful


Missed Chances

In stead of falling asleep watching the Golden Globes, I binge-watched The Killing with my folks. I wake up to find the usual Trump-bashing by Jimmy Fallon and others, especially Merryl Streep, who again called out Trump for "mocking" Serge Kovalski, a Washington Time reporter with a disability that prevents him to move his hands easily. In a September speech Trump made reference to an unflattering article Kovalski wrote about him and waved his hand in a spastic motions, to many who didn't want to see Donald Trump be president, this was yet another heavy club to beat Trump over the head. There was just on small problem, Donald Trump never meant to mocked anyone\. He made the hand gestures no t even knowing the reporter had a disability. There's video of Hillary Clinton doing the same thing, but it has been since buried. There's also video of President Obama saying his poor bowling skills made him eligible for the Special Olympics. To be fair Obama did rightfully catch a bit of heat for the comment, only AFTER some athletes in the Special Olympics spoke out , but nothing nearing the constant barrage of negative press Donald Trump saw for "mocking a reporter with a disability". Like I always do I'm not defending Trump's actions, then or now. I once .again am pointing out the "Hollywood Hypocrisy".

What Donald trump did bothered me, but I don't need any Hollywood flake to tell me how I feel. That's why people get annoyed when people like Streep get up on their high horses. It isn't that we don't feel they shouldn't use their celebrity for good causes, the y have and should continue. However what bothers just about everyone is we're constantly beaten over our heads with their opinions.n Some might say writing about this only reinforces what Streep said. On the other hand she doesn't have a disability I highly doubt she interacts with people who HAVE disabilities on a regular basis, so how come she feels the urge to use us to attack Trump? trump has made plenty of enemies, many of them he deserves, but on the other hand he has also been unfairly treated in ways nobody has ever imagined! People with disabilities spoke out against Trump, we don't need celebrities doing it for us. The problem wasn't Merryl Streeps message, it was she didn't change any one's mind. Those who agree with her, cheered her for her "bravery" (did she save a baby on her to the stage to receive her award?), she called out Donald Trump, big deal I'm not impressed!!

In the past movies depict people with disabilities in a negative light, but the tide is changing with shows like Speechless and others. There have been more depicting people with disabilities, there need to be more people with actually disabilities playing roles, both in front of and behind the camera. While most people would agree the best way to take on hate is head-on, there are also subtle actions that need to be investigated as well. My hope is for one day a statement is carried of an award stage and onto the silver screen. Not with a big splash, but just like we have gay, black, women or any other minority portrayed on screen. There's a way for inclusion without the "in-your-face" mentality. My hope is Hollywood finds a way to balance the message of inclusion while not overplaying their hand as they have done previously. Part of being "in the norm" is making it part OF the norm! Congrats to all the winners last night