Daily Voice is bad news

How do I respond to being banned from a Facebook group?  Mock the website that got me kicked out of the group in t he first place. I was going to say boycott at first but then I disobeyed my own boycott. Also I need to look at it in order to mock it. Anyway I read it to get a good chuck every now and then. With the terms "fake news" being thrown all over the internet I decided, BAD NEWS was m ore appropriate for the Daily Voice. Bad news because the stories are basically short misinformed rants with poorly researched material and erros glalore. They get the when and the where correct but that's usually where the facts end

Daily Voice is  heavily self-promoting, which is the tell-tale sign of desperation in the business. It would be one thing if they had their own Facebook page and just distrubuted their news on there. However the two main "writers" constantly post their own works on multiple Facebook pages.  On more then a few occasions they have been challenged on some of their "facts" and have become very defensives about their writing, what little they have to defend. They rush to get the story out ad if sokme comments they have a set of Internet trolls leaping to their defense. Most of the stories were boring, like who really wants to read about an activate alarm at a shopping mall?  What else   is when you post a link to a Facebook usually you give a little preview/. The one thing the Davily Voice has going for it is it knows how to get good "click bait".

This is the evolution of an article on the the Daily Voice website. One of their "writers" trolls incident notification pages, finds usually a boring event that tthey can  write about, then sits waits for commentsa. If it's a police incident, like a car accident or fire, they usaully hop on the incident raeporting boards to scull information to throw together a sloppy article. Then they post their "stories. It doesn't bother some people most people ignore it, but I just can't let it slide.

If you think I'm trying to "censor them", you aren't even close. I don' what them shut down, then where kwould I get the material for this post? I actually will still continue to read their dribble. However I will call them out when I see something I don't l/ike


Fly the Flag


I fly the flag on the back of my scooter because I stand with the men and women in ALL kinds of uniforms.

I fly the flag   because I know even though I am no t always proud of my country, I am still proud t o be in this country

I fly the flag in times of sorrow because it is a reassurance that everything will be alright

I fly the flag during parades out of respect out of everyone who marches

I fly the flag every time someone in the service gives his or her life so I can live mine

I fly the flag out of respect for the military  police, fire, medical and other emergency workers who protect me and  people I love

I fly the flag to remind myself no matter what comes my way I am blessed to have so many wonderful people who care about me

I fly the flag because I pray every day those leading our nation find a way to make the country great for everyone.

I fly the flag as a symbol of hope and a promise to never lose hope even in the darkest of times

I fly the flag the red represents the blood that was spilled defending this country, the white represents the innocence, the blue represents we are all under one sky and in this together

I flag the flag because whenever someone smiles or waves at me I know they're also acknowledging the flag

I fly the flag because I support the ideas and fundamentals that founded this country and continues to make it strong

I fly the flag proudly because every time I see the flag I am reminded how lucky I am to have  these freedoms

The shooting in Virginia is on every body's mind and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims. Every time a tragedy like this happens,  people are always preaching how we need to put aside our  differences and focus on things that unite us as a country. Personally I can't think of a better thing to unite us than Old Glory. In times of doubt it's comforting to turn to something that should makes us all proud.


Thanks Gregg Allman

There are too many good Allman  Brother's songs I could write about, my two favorites are Jessica written by Dickey Betts and Midnight Rider by none other then Gregg Allman. The song to me is about a loner weary motorcycle rider and his journey t o a better life. However the longer he rides, eventually he realizes he can't outrun he's problems, hence the phrase "The road goes on forever". It's n ot really a cheery lyric but the hook is a slap of reality everybody needs frome time to time. However the other part of it goes "I'm no t going to let them catch the midnight rider" which to me means  he       won't let all his problems in life ruin his life. They  almost did a few times, but in the end I hope All;man made peace wit h himself. The  "Them" are multiple demons, the murder of his father and losing h is brother, Duane, in a horrific motorcycle accident, drugs, illness you name it, Gregg Allman surviived it Truthfully I don't think he could  have written the song if he didn't have these and other demons haunting him.

Both my brothers are huge  Allman Brother's fans, my one brother saw them more times than  I could even attempt to count. Ever March right  around our birthdays he would scoop up tickets with his friends. They would go to multiple concertss at the Beacon Theate\r. One year, I don't know how, he invited our other brother and myself along with some friends to the Beacon for the anual concert. Of course he just seen them a few days before. What made it special was we were together, enjoying music, laughing and creating meories I will cherish forever. We knew each time we saw the Allman Brothers could be the last and every time the curtain came down it might never come up again. I was disappointed the first few times they didn't play  Jessica but that changed the last time we saw them  at the Beaco. I turned to them with the biggest grin on my face, they know how I felt whenever I  listen to that song.

Then came last Christmas rolled around and  my brothers again surprised by tickets  to see Gregg Allmann solo at the Sands in Bethlehem,PA. I jumped at the chance but during the concert I noticed time was catching up to Gregg Allman. It was just the three of us hanging out and having a good time just like so many times before

When  I heard of Gregg's passing my first thought was  he's finally reunited with his older brother and other bandmates he lost over the years. Their deaths certainly were a heavy tool on his own life. The only good things from Gregg's death is the fact he's finally reunited with people he loves and no longer has those demons haunting him.They are  up there jamming away! !

T hanks Gregg for all the memories you gave me with my brothers! May you finally have the peace that you have been seeking for a very long time