Daily Voice is bad news

How do I respond to being banned from a Facebook group?  Mock the website that got me kicked out of the group in t he first place. I was going to say boycott at first but then I disobeyed my own boycott. Also I need to look at it in order to mock it. Anyway I read it to get a good chuck every now and then. With the terms "fake news" being thrown all over the internet I decided, BAD NEWS was m ore appropriate for the Daily Voice. Bad news because the stories are basically short misinformed rants with poorly researched material and erros glalore. They get the when and the where correct but that's usually where the facts end

Daily Voice is  heavily self-promoting, which is the tell-tale sign of desperation in the business. It would be one thing if they had their own Facebook page and just distrubuted their news on there. However the two main "writers" constantly post their own works on multiple Facebook pages.  On more then a few occasions they have been challenged on some of their "facts" and have become very defensives about their writing, what little they have to defend. They rush to get the story out ad if sokme comments they have a set of Internet trolls leaping to their defense. Most of the stories were boring, like who really wants to read about an activate alarm at a shopping mall?  What else   is when you post a link to a Facebook usually you give a little preview/. The one thing the Davily Voice has going for it is it knows how to get good "click bait".

This is the evolution of an article on the the Daily Voice website. One of their "writers" trolls incident notification pages, finds usually a boring event that tthey can  write about, then sits waits for commentsa. If it's a police incident, like a car accident or fire, they usaully hop on the incident raeporting boards to scull information to throw together a sloppy article. Then they post their "stories. It doesn't bother some people most people ignore it, but I just can't let it slide.

If you think I'm trying to "censor them", you aren't even close. I don' what them shut down, then where kwould I get the material for this post? I actually will still continue to read their dribble. However I will call them out when I see something I don't l/ike
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