Supporting Local Breweries

Dear Assemblyman Andrzejczak,

I just want to e-mail a quick note in support of your bill A-2196 with
regards to craft breweries in the State of New Jersey. Requiring craft brewers to provide a tour before serving their product is an
unnecessary burden on them. It requires staff to take time out to show people the operation when they could be serving customers. It also requires paperwork that truthfully is rarely reviewed and doesn't provide insight into the brewery's operations.
On a personal note, I have met you through Cape May VFW Post#386. I moved down here two years ago and have m et many wonderful people like yourself and Kart and Kurt Hughes, owners of the Bucket Brigade Brewery in Cape May Courthouse. What you may not know is I am very much a fire buff. I grew up in Woodcliff Lake in Bergen County and was involved in emergency management. I also supported the local fire department. Right before I moved down to Cape May the chief, who I have known since we were in high school made me an honorary member of the department. It means a lot to me and In need; to look out for my "brothers and sisters" anyway I can. Karl and Kurt have shown me the same type of brotherhood. Passing this bill will make their
lives, and the lives of other New Jersey brewers easier. Please do your best to get A-2196 passed

Thank you for your time

Justin Mattes-KC2GIK
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