The Hershey Review

If I wrote everything that went on over the last few days most people would be bored after the sixth sentence. Going out to Hershey was just like going on any other trip in which I convince my folks to take a few days off from work. For someone who has zero expirence as a negotiator, I think getting my folks to take three trips to virtually unknown destinations.
Antique cars buff from around the world converge on the Chocolate, White and Red Fields.. I had my "travel bike" all charged and ready to go with one goal in mind, finding license plates. Hershey is the biggest "unofficial" license plate show ever without the typical feel of a regular meet! I bought about seven plates which isn't that many considering there were thousands of vendors around! The only problem was I hahd one day to cover miles of ground and had to stift through the junk. The result five plates one was a sovunier plate from the car show itself. The one New Jersey plate was a n old courtesy plate. It wasn't a pair but then again it was a #1 from Morris County so I really didn't care.
Some interesting scanner news I picked up the frequency they were using to coordinate the car auction. Yes the good old Close Call feature came through once again. I love that scanner.
Getting back to Hershey is going to be next to impossible because my father refusess to go somewhere more than once, although we did go to Hershey years ago so miracles do happen. It doesn't count because it wasn't during the car show! I want to hit the flea market again! On the other hand there are so many other places I have to see first!!
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