A less than graceful exit

Alright if you who have been into police scanning and on the Internet more than a month know about Jim Fordyce's website. For those who don't know about Jim's site, let me just fill you in. Jim's site was THE PLACE to go for general information about scanning. His list of links was longer than any other site out there. As a matter of fact a lot of scanner sites copied his links page because it was always up-to-date. Jim was also one of the first to succesfully put together all kinds of general frequency information. It was a resource many people, especially yo-ur humble writer, utilized to keep an eye out for the latest a nd greatest in the world of scanning. About two years ago Jim introduced message boards for the Northeast US, covering states from Maine down to Virginia. While he wasn't the first to think of frequency message boards, he was allowing other people to help him keep an eye on things. He deputized fellow scanner buffs in the various counties to keep an eye on the various boards.
The first version really didn't hold up too well, I had trouble getting in! So the second version was introduced after about a year. It handled ten times better! We were all happier and posting really took off! Although it made it easier for the creeps, and you know who you are, to wreack havoc! Jim also seemed to leave moderators in the wind, meaning we cou ld only delete posts and not block users. We helped each other out the best we could, so it wasn''t as bad as I thought at the time!
Things got tough, especially when people started stepping on each other's toes. There were some nasty flame wars but it was the hackers that brought the thing crashing down. Ironically I don't think it had anything to do with scanning, I think some flake out there just wanted to have some fun! So Jim shut the site down, without telling anyone!
He just shutdown shop! Now people all over the net are saying it was his right to do whatever he wanted to the board. I agree i t's his board but I feel since I donated my time to help keep thing thing running, he should have let people know what he was doing before hand! I have gone on record stating my case in a number of places but I wanted to put my thoughts here so they don't get lost in the obyss of the scanner message boards!!
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