Love thy "enemy"?

Ok over the weekend former Vice President Al Gore critized President Bush for basically singling but Arabs after 9/11. I don't get it, Gore has Bush on an issuesjust as important, the environment and yet he has to attack Bush where Bush is definitely still strong. He says Bush has lead abuses against Arabs, but I don't see it in the newspapers. You know ever since 9/11 there has been this overall undercurrent about the "backlash against Arabs" but there really hasn't been any widespread hate towards the Arab world. It has all been very one sided. The sad thing is nobody cares this time. While our global image isn't the greatest right now because of our stances against those who want to harm us. I worry about a lot that's going on in the world, but one thing that won't keep me up at night is how Arabs view our country nor how we view Arabs!
Secondly why in the world is Al Gore defending people that hate Americans? Let's face it the majority of Arabs around the world hate Americans. They hate everything about us, our way of life, our support for democracies, and the religions we practice. We were hated long before George W. Bush became the 43rd President of the United States and we will be hated long after he leaves office. This is a fact Al Gore doesn't want to face, but it's true. He is so angry and so vengeful, he'll say absolutely anything to get noticed. If someone hated me, improbable but maybe, I wouldn't care if I hurt their feelings.
Lastly, and then I'll get off the soapbox, these people are against us and our freedoms. So who really cares if their rights are abridged anyway? I say that the price of coming to the country just went up a notch. If we can't secure our borders with national gaurdsmen maybe if we show people we'll be watching them, they won't come into the first place!

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