Time to get a little wet

If you look closely at the right hand column, you'll see I have added yet another link to wetdowns.net. Actually one of my scanner buddies set to site up and I'm just keeping it up-to-date, I don't mind. Besides you're looking at a guy who loves to have his name on websites. Larry Morin is a scanner buddy who has taken me to a few of these events and we always talked about doing a site together. Sure he and I have helped on each others sites, but this is our first actual joint project. Larry builds them but is too busy to keep them updated. That's where I come in. I keep track of the datess and make sure all tfhe information is accurate! Which actually fits in nicely with my background as an archivist, seems like I was made for this kind of thing. It's very simple just fill in the blanks. OK it might not be the most exciting website on t he planet, but it does get a lot of hits and is growing.
In the past I have been burned by doing websites with partners, on more than one occasion. However Larry and I seem to be working on bthe same page, so I am considering myself very lucky. He and I run a few sites independently so people can see our different trademarks,. IOt's kind of incredible to actually take an active role in maintaining a site with someone else instead of worrying about everything yourself. I have learned from past mistakes that you have to set bounderies and stick with them!
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