Project Rebirth

I had this huge essay planned about September 11th. It would start out how my dad woke me out of a sound sleep and just ordered "Turn on your TV QUICK. I would write about how I) fumbled for the remote and saw the replay of the first plane striking the tower and how I stood there in total shock like the rest of the country. Then I went where I also go when I hear of an incident of such magnitude, my police scanner where I would proceed to listen to the events unfold. Altho ugh I have to say I didn't hear the first "MAYDAY" before the towers crumbled.........I'm glad I didn't hear it. The ham radio was tuned to the two ham repeaters used in an emergency in NYC. I just listened and prayed all day long, since I knew a few people who work in the towers, most of them made it out ok, one did not. Like many Americans that day I grieved both publicly and privately. I knew people who made it out alive, I knew people who didn't make it. However on that day I just sat and listened as much as I could.
Now that I set the mood it's time to lift your spirits again! A few months after that horrific day, a website popped up that caught my eye. There are still tons of websites about the World Trade Center and the 9/11 tragedy. Unfortunately like the Kennedy Assassination, many of them spew conspiracy theories and think George Bush had a hand in the attacks. However there is one site that focuses on the rebuilding of the World Trade Center called Project Rebirth! I signed up for the updates to the site and check it out a few times a year. Since there is indeed a webcam on the site, I take a look around at the progress down at Ground Zero. I also is a reminder of what happened that day while giving the country a reason to look forward.
So take more than a moment and go through the site.


The Traveller

I know this summer I have neglected my writing a little, but I wil l maqke it up in one shot with a review of my travels this summer. Between two trips upto Lake George, a stint down in Atlantic City, going tp a graduation party in Connecticut, I think I can fit the definition of a "rolling stone". Well I should start by saying the job at Columbiaconcluded in Mid July leaving me with more than a little spending money. So with my second to last paychech in hand I quickly cashed it and went down to Atlantic City with Pete and Jason. They made out, I broke about even. I couldn't have had a better time
The first trip upto Lake George was a bit shaky because it was Chris and Natile(have to put them together becau-se they aree getting married in November) Pete, Jen, some friends and myself. It got really interesting when one of Chris's friends, despite my warnings, setup a tent right in front of the townhouse. I) objected but it took s omeone else from th e homeowners association to get this screwball to knock it off. There were a few other incident s like that but I will not get into any of the detail for fear of drastic retaliation from my siblings// Ok maybe I am excersing a little poetic license there.m
A few weekends later I found myself upstate again a bit torwards the end of August to vist Gail, a former teach from PV, who I have kept in touch with ever since. Yet another friendship that has grown outside of high school. She lives with her husband Micheal up in Deposit, NY which is quite a hike from good old Bergen County NJ! We did a lot in five days inc luding a visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I have to admit I'm mildly interested in baseball, but it was neat seeing the old bats and gloves along with the "Who's on First" exihibit!! The next day we went to an old-fashion county fair. I haven't been to one of those in a very long time.
Yes I have definitely made my rounds this summer and that's why entries havee been scarce around here. However that is going to change with the colder weather I'm sure!