Transmitting from different locations

It took me a bit longer than usual to write this post but I have been busy with other "projects" so I have a good excuse, a few weeks ago, which became a little over a month, a group of hams got together at the Woodcliff Lake EOC for the January VHF contest. It wasn't the best setup, b ut when had a 2 meter, 6 meter and 440 setup, both CW and phone. The 10-70 hadn't participated i n this contest before and since I had access to the EOC, it turned out to be a windy day which was made even worse by the artic bitter cold. We setup inside the senior center which is actually a huge room, it was perfect! I helped log, snagged a few contacts myself. I even managed to make some good use out of the digital camera I got for Christmas. Below is a link to a photo gallery we set up on the 10-70 website as well as the ARRL VHF Contest Soapbox!


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