You have to hand it to them

Ok you have heard it by now, these two nutcases planted "fake bombs" around Boston to promote a show on the Cartoon Network. The devices obviously caused a scare and they were arrested for causing a public scare, and a few other c harges which I don't remember or care to lookup. The question is what kind of reactions do these idiots excpect out of the public? Trufully only druggies and other idiots would think of this is funny or a joke. I think they planned the entire thing. They knew they would get caught. They knew this would be on every major network around. The court case will be broadcasted on every nework.

So if I'm so against giving these guys the publicity why am I writing about them? Well there are a lot of issues that I never write about because I don't feel they are important. However I never pass up calling people complete idiots! Although now that they got their five minutes of fame, some idiots are actually going to tune into because of this stunt. So the real question becomes who are the real idiots?
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