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This was suppose to be the second part of an entry called "Musical Servers" but I waited until the final settings kicked it!! It all began when the host for Bergenscanner.com crapped out. I have a long history of relying on other people to do the "dirty work" for the radio website. After all my original scanner website was on Tripod, complete with annoying banners. Someone offered to move the site to a "real" server and register a domain name, hence the address bergenscanner.com, it wasn't even my idea. I went along with it not understandingf the dynamics of actually registering a domain. To make a long story short my "friend" (scumbagmaxiumus) fumbled it up and lost the server space and the domain name. I couldn't even renew it because my friend had the password and everything. Long story short some other company picked it up and I had to fight to get it back. Basically stealing the traffic be cause by that I actually did some hefty negotiating!!! Anyway I finally got "BERGENSCANNER.COM" in my own name and I finally CONTROLLED the entire site, domain and all!
Now what does this have to do with "justinmattes.com"? WELL after losing Bergenscanner.com a few years ago, I always wanted to secure "justinmattes.com". Also there's a small chance if I didn't it could be used for some "evil" purposes, look at whitehouse.com (only if you're 18 or older) During the last and hopefully final server change for bergenscanner.com, I decided while I was at it, I would register my own name and stick it on this blog. I also wanted to brag the I'm a true "internet guru". That doesn't mean it will be directed here forever, but I update this blog more than I do my old site on Tripod!! Besides Bergenscanner.com this is my pride and joy!!
P.S. The boring http://justinmattes.blogspot.com still works as well.

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