A simple interview/A cheater's website

The lastest issue of ScanningUSA came today and thee was an article about a webmaster and his North Carolina frequency site. The interview itself was conducted by the "SUSA Staff" which basically consists of a back and forth dialogue between the staff writers and the interviwee with a little introduction in the beginning. I have seen this format before and usually I shrug my shoulders and say "well ANYONE who can ask a question can write these kinds of articles", all you need to do is come up wit h the questions and let the person do the rest. Now I have done some interviews for papers before and felt this method with a bit beneath my writing talents, but it's better than nothing. I have to give them credit for asking some good questions.
I am always interested on what else is out there even if I'll never visit that area of the country. When I went to this website I was disappoint to find stuff copied of Radioreference.com. Usually the webmasters, like this gentleman, copy it all formatting and everything and dump it on their site. THe even leaves some of the links back to Radio Reference without actually crediting the site, really smart if you ask me I have said in the past copying information is one thing, heck even I "borrowed" a frequency or two for my own site, but I have reproduced it in my own format. This is just plain old laziness and I will more than likely just go to the source.
Now I have to give the lad credit he does have some original material, but like always it just lists the frequencies the way they appear on a commercial site like Cityfreq.com . No detailed descriptions, channel layouts or anything (except the ones copied from Radioreference)=. I wou ld have like to have seen what HE has in HIS scanners. this is always a plus!!
Despite my negative comments it is indeed a pretty nice site.; I has some of the "staples" of a scanner site like the banner for the Missing and Expoilted Children as well as some up-to-date weather information feeding it. Two items that go into the "plus column"
Check the site out at: http://policescanner1.tripod.com/
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