Ten years ago-June 24,1998-PVHS Graduation

Today marks the tenth anniversary of my high school graduation......and the "unofficial end" of the Journal. I had always thought the 1998 Pascack Valley High School graduation ceremony would be the last entry but t he different big events happened, and I had to write about them. Then I started this blog which is a bit more of a relaxed format. Now I could go into the different friendshipsI had and still have o-r write about the events that made my high school year memorable, but that's in the Journal and in my autobiography. Instead I wanted t o highlight my thoughts of THAT DAY, kind of a reflection piece so here is the one journal you'll ever see on Mattes's Madness. If there any 1998 PV alumni reading this entry, PLEASE COMMENT

June 26,1998

For the first time in along time I feel the urge to write! This has been a crazy couple of days that I won't soon forget. First of all, I finally got out of high school for good,that's a big accomplishment. One of the biggest moments of my life and it was flawless! Roaming around the ym just before the ceremony I must have sweated a gallon of water! It was so hot all of us were trying anything to keep cool, from stepping out of our gowns, to going to the water fountain for last gulps of water. Seeing the camera flash and people smiling as I walked down the aisle gave me some kind of power I thought I could never have until now. Maybe it was just the fact everything worked out ok with a lot of effort from two peoplpe that helped me every step of the way.
There was something a bit more special that helped, climbing those stairs by myself! It was exactly what I needed to do at the end of five long years. When the people clapped and cheered when I walked up on stage, it gave me a power that I never thought I could possess agin! Man it felt good getting up on that stage without help. The main thing is I can finally say I made my mark on Pascack Valley High School! A mark so strong that it was emphasized by each clap and cheer walking up the steps. I feel it was the greatest accomplishment since learning how to walk and opening my mouth up for the first time to talk!
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