North Pier & Preseque Isle Lights

Alright I started writing this entry right after I got from Erie, but admittedly I have been dragging my feet. While I was out in Erie at the ALPCA I got to g et aNother couple of lighthouses under my belt. Actually three more lighthouse stamps are in my book, TWO out of the three I actually go t to shoot myself not bad Ok so the above photo isn't one of MY shots, but I had to prove I was there. Although you couldn't actually climb this light, I walked right up to it and grabbed the door handle/ It was the closest I could get!!

Next up is the Presque Isle Light which i s actually a private residence!! There are signs surrounding the property that it's PRIVATE, but the shore infront of it is PUBLIC so you can get decent shots without risking being arrested for tresspassing. Now if I owned that lighthouse, I would be activating it everyday. Which of course would obviously get boring, yeah maybe after thirty years!! I just starred at the light for what seemed forever. So with the Lake being rght there I decided to wade into the lake to make the entire trip out to Erie that much more enjoyable!
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