First mobile post from Pete's apartment in Philly

Well this is yet another first -- a mobile post! On 09/09/09 I wrote about getting a new Toshiba laptop. At first I was going to wait to post something from a location other than home, but I was so excited I could wait. Well this week I'm in sunny Philidelphia visiting with my brother Pete while my folks are in Delaware! So this is my first official post from the road. Of course Pete has wireless Internet a major Godsend since I'll be here all week. He works out of his apartment, actually his office is in his bedroom. Technically he's working...in sweat pants and the same shirt he wore yesterday. Although he goes on the road travelling to oil refineries and stuff making sure the pumps are working properly
He also has his pet birds, Goldie and Charlie to keep him company. He got them when he still lived in Woodcliff Lake so I am used to them flying around him room and landing on furnitre.
Although Charlie's favorite pervch is people. When they were still up in Woodcliff Lake my dad would play them. Charlie would fly on anybody's shoulder if they let him. Goldie is a bit more reserved. They would never come to me at home, but Charlie came to my shoulder a few minutes after I settled in.
I visited n*Pete for the day when he first moved in. That was back during Easter with Mom and Dad. So this is my first official trip down here! While it's only Monday it's alright so far. Stay tuned I might drop a LINE later in the week
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