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As all of you know today is 09/09/09. I wanted to write something good today to mark the occasion and I haves two options. First off I am now typing this on my brand new Toshiba laptop!! Yes the HP finally kicked the bucket about a moth and I have been using my parents' computer downstairs which has caused friction between my dad and I. It seems he always has to check his stocks the exact same time I want to check my e-mail. So after weeks of debate I bought this Toshiba notebook yesterday. Well mom picked it up on her way home from work. It has everything I need now let's hope I have enough control to bang it, accidentally or "otherwise. I'm still getting used to the keyboard but it's really not that bad. I haven't figured out the wireless part of it yet, yes I have a wireless modem, but it's left over from my brother Pete and setting it up requires a "magical touch" ahem Sean ahem. However despite still being tethered to a desk I do enjoy this new toy. For all you PSK-31 folks I haven't hooked kmy radio up to it yet, but all in due time!! If anyone out there wants to give me a hand.. (hint,hint)
Alright I said multiple topics and here is the second, Obama's speech on health care and the Republican response. Well I can't get into every aspect, so I'll go for my hottest topic, the insurance reform/tort reform debate. If you have read my writings on medical malpractice issues, my position is clear. Even if you haven't read everything, you could guess where I stand. Many of you know I have testified in front of Congressional committees about medical malpractice. I am strongly oppose tort reform and have voted for Democrats 3/4 of the time because of it. Obama did go on this front because he did go after the insurance companies. However he had in the audience tonight a person without insurance. He could have gone one step further and invited a medical malpractice victim too.

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