Remember 9/11

I had something all planned out for this post. It was going to be about how the country, even though people at strugglinmg is still pluggin along after that
tragedy that struck us eight years ago today.n Then I saw Glenn Beck (yes I do watch him) and his monologue today included the usual patriotic themes like many other newcasters today. Then Beck turned anmgry, not at Muslim extremists or other terrorist doing harm, but at the US. At first I thought it would be a pointless bathering, but then he asked an amazing question:Why aren't the towers rebuilt? Beck then rattled off other great engineering feats America has accomplished in modern times, like the Hoover Dam which started construction back in 1931 and was completed in 1936! How about the Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago? They broke ground in 1970 and was COMPLETED three years later!! Folks something is wrong here!
While I would never attempt to put myself in the families of victims' shoes, it just seems the best way to spit in the face of the folks who killed my love one is to rebuild the sym bolt they knmocked down.
On that day eight years ago people said, "We are all Americans!", now it's back the same old thing. Who's screwing up this or let's blame this person for that problem. It doesn't solve anything and nothing gets done
If people really want to honor those who died that day, do something to fill the void down at the lower end of Manhattan. Let use the sense of patriotism and unity we all felt that day to rebuilt what those cowards knocked down!

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