Slow August---NOT

I was just looking at posts I made the last few years and it seems every August I hit a "slow time" for writing on justinmattes.com. Some might think it's because there's not much going on, but in reality there's a lot going on. So much that I have a hard time finding the time, or the energy, to write about it all. Let's see here I think we'll try something new here...
Well the very first day of August I had the Stony Point Lighthouse Activation...this time I was ready with my YAESU radio to do PSK. Even though I only made 19 contacts, the day couldn't have been better. Unlike the rest of the summer the weather was perfect, sunny low humidity and a light breeze off the Hudson River. The group we had was perfect it included 90% of the 10-70 Board and some geust operators. We had a blast and again vowed to make the trip again next year. Although with Howie moving to Reno, it might be tricky. A little aside I did write an article about the day's activities so I managed to slip a writing project in as well.
The next weekend was the big Woodcliff Lake Fire Dept Wetdown of their new ladder truck. So I did take some good shots and had fun with the guys. Again great weather was a real bonus and the shots I took were great. I even got invited for a hardy steak dinner afterwards
I recouped from that outing with my yearly trip up to see Gail and Michael. Gail is one of my former high school teachers. However since I actually met her before high school (she accompanied me on the 8th grade trip to Boston) she let me call her Gail.. Anyway her husband Mike is a photographer and he had a show to do the weekend I went up so I help them setup and take down. It is always nice t o see them and it gets me out of dad's hair.
Then a week after returning from Deposit, Sean ands I went to the Loggins and Messina concert which is when I broke down and wrote an entry! We had gotten the tickets back in the spring so this was a long time coming....and as you read well worth the wait. I had to break my silence for that event
Then to cap off the month I attende kMike and Karolina's wedding. Mike has been my brother Petey's friend since grade school. I have watched him grow up just like all of Pete's friends. Imagine my surprise when they invited me to their wedding. I was touched by the gesture. It was very exciting and we all had a great time!
Well there it is, all in one single post!!!! How's that for a recap?

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