Google wishes Pacman a happy 40th birthday

It started out when I opened Firefox web browser this morning I heard what sounded like Pacman noises coming from my computer speakers. I skimmed the Yahoo homepage(the startup page on my Firefox) and no Pacman references so I shut Firefox and reopend it. Again the fimilar sounds of the game where now growing from a cute flashback into an annoyance was still there. I shutdown Firefox a second time and reopened it. Problem was still there, I could feel my blood pressure rising and my paitence fell by the second. Once again I closed and reopend Firefox, did a virus check on my computer, everything was Kosher. I again turned the sound on again and bam. So that caused me to throw my mouse and broke it. Thankfully it didn't hit the screen!! I finally figure out that Firefox's browser feature on the address bar constantly pulls feed from the browser's in the drop down menu. So when I deleted the Google section from the website, the mysterious Pacman sounds went away
So here it is Google, youi tried to do a good thing and you wound up annoying you users so much they haveconsidered never using you again. I spend my Friday uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox and now I need a new mouse, all because you wanted to celebrate a yellow head chopping on tiny white dots while avoiding ghosts. Notthe brightest thing  Google havs done!!!

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