Go to hell Dr. Gosnell


This kind of stuff does make me sick in all kids of ways. First of all the Hippocratic oath taken by all doctors is "First do n o harm", Gosnell abused women and killed their children. He's disgusting and should rot in a cold dark cell that's after  he is beaten within an inch of his li fe. I am usually am for the death penalty but I feel it would be to easy a punishment for this monster.  If there were any real justice he would contract some illness and instead of doctors helping him, they let Gosnell suffer for a very very long time! I would give him just enough medical attention to keep him  alive, barely for years. Or I would snip HIS SPINE although the only downside he c-couldn't feel anything else so that's out of the question.

This is one of the few flaws I see in the "cruel and unusual punishment statues".  I truly believe there should be exceptions to that rule, you know for the really horrible people. There's no doubt what he did, his defense was absolutely pathetic and if I were him,  I would have just plead guilty and faced my punishment like a man..Oh I forgot he's an OB-GYN

Something that is equally disturbing is the pro-choice folks are accusing the pro-life movement to chop away at the rights of women. It's not that simple. Abortions will NEVER become illegal, it would cause another civil  or women's rights movement that  would dwarf those of the fifties and sixties, I think people need to keep that in mind when those pro-choice people start claiming this is the end of abortions. It also won't do the pro-choice cause any favors if they deny this is an isolated incident, we all know it's not, it's very  rare, but it happens. Also no matter how the pro-life movement sp ins this case, it's a losing issue for the pro-choice movement.

 It also should be noted that Democrats are traditionally the ones looking o ut for patient rights.  Those babies were born ALIVE, that was the crux of the entire case. So patients rights advocates really need to put their views on abortions aside and view this really as malicious acts of medical malpractice as you can ever define. I would hope my fellow patient rights advocates stay true to the cause.
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