Honesty is in fact brutal

I again got scolded again  on the ALPCA e-mail listserv and was given a "last warning". What horrible thing came off my keyboard? What was so shock so despicable that one more "objectable comment" will make me banned? I simply \inform another member  his problems were not unique and nobody cares. Now I have recieved plenty of harsh  truths in life, some stung a bit more than others. Did I like them? NO! Did I always see the advice people were trying to give? Of course not. However I have never accused people of being insensitive.
It started when a fellow member who runs a few meets in North Carolina complained aabout low attendance and other problems. 
To make matters worse I have been  asked nicely to apologize. Usually I bite the bullet and admit I was wrong but even the people who objected to my post didn't object to  the idea, just the way  it was  presented. This seems to be a reoccurance in my writing, it doesn't matter if it's an e-mail or an article my tone seems to be always off. Which annoys me because  usaully I feel some of my best work are written when I'm emotional.
I had a little bit to drink when I composed this e-mail


The Garden State Regions first meet was held at the Tice Community Center here in W*oodcliff Lake  and it was only because I am on the OEM in town and lead the folks in charge to believe it was an OEM function. Our second was at a Knights of Columbus which we pulled off last minute because we h ad troubles getting Tice Center, this broke  our budget and we're were lacking in fundes. The Third was my grnadmother's church, which again proved to have its own set of problems. Point being we DIDN;T moan everytime we had a problem, we pushed thro ugh it
Basically Richard you got absolutely NOTHING on the Garden State in terms of overcoming "problems"! You could basically have EVERYTHING go wrong in a meet and still not face the troubles the Garden State Region has gone through and STILL hold a meet. When I read your "complaints" I literally want to throw up. Seriously be a man and face fact CCC ain't whaat it used to be. Get over it and move on.
 Heck I'd trade "problems" in a heartbeat. You run a meet in Jersey then we'll talk.............until then quit making like having one less problem is going to make a big difference, nobody cares
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