I wasn't there

It's funny how many people aree decrying the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, or should I say sad? I have been reading al l the postings about the trial, wa tched some of it myself on TV and heard th e wannabe lawyers annd prosecutors want a crack at  George Zimmerman. I have also glimsed at the pathetic tweets by all these "civil rights activitist" nsaying Zimmerman got away with murder, did he really? I really think that sunk their case against. Well that and that fact they overplayed thei hand but saying his actions were motivated by Trayvon Martin's skin color. Well wh en your house and your neighbor's houses were robbed by  people don't  you think you would be a bit more on edge? I al so am disappointed that people said George Zimmerman "profiled" Trayvon Martin and that's why  he followed him.
I believe Trayvon Martin started beating on  George Zimmerman just based on the fact  if George Zimmerman had any brains he would know starting a scuffle with a young black man wouldn't be a greaat idea. People have made a big deal about Zimmerman followin[g Martin, I really don 't think that 's a  h uge threat. I get followed sometimes and I just keep an eye on people, I don't stalk them. I think Tayvon was scared, of George Zimmerman, I can't say I blame him.Then why didn't Martin run away instead of confront Zimmerman? People might sa  y well Martin's dead and Zimmerman's alive, but I have no doubts George Zimmerman feared for his life. Plus the pictures backup this theory.
There are a few disturbing things that I feel the black people who wanted George Zimmerman to go  to jail fur murder. First of all there was a fight, it really doesn't matter who staarted or what happene to  start it there was  indeed a physical altercation. I highly doubt if Trayvon tried to  escape George Zimmerman would have fol lowed him again. I have no doubts if Trayvon pushed Zimmerman and ran Zimmerman would have followed. People keep saying if Zimmerman listened to th e police dispatchers advice none of this would have h appened. To that I say I wasn't there, I don't know.There a re too many what ifS
Natural instici is "flight or fight" BOTH George Zimmerman AND Trayvon Martin stood their ground, let's not forget that fact. George Zimmerman w asn't running after Trayvon Martin, he was fol lowing him, Trayvo n turned around and with those continous blows  (as admitted into evidence) gave George Zimmerman the justification to shoot him. Trayvon Martin wasn't shot in the back, he was shot as he was leaning over George Zimmerman. That is  threatenig ennough for me!!

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