My Time at Kessler--Part II

Here  are some of my status updates I posted on Facebook, kind of like a journal. At  times I didn't want to go, for a variety of reasons, but I went anyway. I also have to admit I did my fair share of complaining. Due to the scheduling of the transportation company I usually arrived a half hour early. I couldn't read there were to many distractions. I texted friends, who usually answered while I was in therapy. My mom joked it got me out of the house which was good for all of us. It was also interesting I was .telling mom and dad things going on there and told Becky, the OT,  stuff going on at home and in Cape May.  She knows about Kristi and Sean's wedding, and yes the story behind getting a date. Anyway the material wasn't good enough for full-blown blog entries, but perfect for Facebook Status Updates

So here it is one of the goals of the OT is me living more independently so we're getting into cutting food food prep, and cooking. My plan cook a meal for someone special! This is mid February I have until the middle of April to make this happen. This requires three parts, part one, convincing the folks to let me stay home, part two actually asking someone over for dinner three pulling it all together. FYI I don't know which part is going to be hardest. I NEED to do this! That or have the guys over for steaks and beers. MAYBE BOTH SINCE they be gone for a few days This is the stuff I think about going back and forth to Saddle Brook.

 NO  MATTER WHAT I DO IT IS N'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR MY FATHER SO WHY DO I G BOTHER. I came home from PT and explained what i did, like the old man really cares. You know what his only comment was? HIS ONLY COMMENT: YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE IT SOONER! Now think about t hat then try and tell me wouldn't that piss you off?

New driver got lost getting to my house...I always get nervous with new drivers

Great listening to Korean love songs on the way to Kessler

80 POUND LEG PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!


 So there it is folks sixteen sessions eight weeks thirty-two hours and I'm back to where I was just about seven years ago! I'm stronger, not falling as much. The difference is now I can use an electric razor, CAN BUTTON A DRESS SHIRT, can cook on a stove and even pour liquid without spilling it. Mom's happy the fronts of my shoes aren't wearing down as much. Quite fitting I ended PT on World Cerebral Palsy Day.........Thanks Gary and Becky........... for everything!

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