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In stead of falling asleep watching the Golden Globes, I binge-watched The Killing with my folks. I wake up to find the usual Trump-bashing by Jimmy Fallon and others, especially Merryl Streep, who again called out Trump for "mocking" Serge Kovalski, a Washington Time reporter with a disability that prevents him to move his hands easily. In a September speech Trump made reference to an unflattering article Kovalski wrote about him and waved his hand in a spastic motions, to many who didn't want to see Donald Trump be president, this was yet another heavy club to beat Trump over the head. There was just on small problem, Donald Trump never meant to mocked anyone\. He made the hand gestures no t even knowing the reporter had a disability. There's video of Hillary Clinton doing the same thing, but it has been since buried. There's also video of President Obama saying his poor bowling skills made him eligible for the Special Olympics. To be fair Obama did rightfully catch a bit of heat for the comment, only AFTER some athletes in the Special Olympics spoke out , but nothing nearing the constant barrage of negative press Donald Trump saw for "mocking a reporter with a disability". Like I always do I'm not defending Trump's actions, then or now. I once .again am pointing out the "Hollywood Hypocrisy".

What Donald trump did bothered me, but I don't need any Hollywood flake to tell me how I feel. That's why people get annoyed when people like Streep get up on their high horses. It isn't that we don't feel they shouldn't use their celebrity for good causes, the y have and should continue. However what bothers just about everyone is we're constantly beaten over our heads with their opinions.n Some might say writing about this only reinforces what Streep said. On the other hand she doesn't have a disability I highly doubt she interacts with people who HAVE disabilities on a regular basis, so how come she feels the urge to use us to attack Trump? trump has made plenty of enemies, many of them he deserves, but on the other hand he has also been unfairly treated in ways nobody has ever imagined! People with disabilities spoke out against Trump, we don't need celebrities doing it for us. The problem wasn't Merryl Streeps message, it was she didn't change any one's mind. Those who agree with her, cheered her for her "bravery" (did she save a baby on her to the stage to receive her award?), she called out Donald Trump, big deal I'm not impressed!!

In the past movies depict people with disabilities in a negative light, but the tide is changing with shows like Speechless and others. There have been more depicting people with disabilities, there need to be more people with actually disabilities playing roles, both in front of and behind the camera. While most people would agree the best way to take on hate is head-on, there are also subtle actions that need to be investigated as well. My hope is for one day a statement is carried of an award stage and onto the silver screen. Not with a big splash, but just like we have gay, black, women or any other minority portrayed on screen. There's a way for inclusion without the "in-your-face" mentality. My hope is Hollywood finds a way to balance the message of inclusion while not overplaying their hand as they have done previously. Part of being "in the norm" is making it part OF the norm! Congrats to all the winners last night

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david miller said...

I agree totally with your thoughts on Meryl Streep. It is typical moral posturing by 'Celebs' who are pleased to grab any issue (disability/poverty/immigrants) to get feel good press coverage. I saw the Trump speech and I did not think he was imitating a disabled person - just waving a lot. Political correctness is fine but not to pump up a speech at the Golden Globes.