Heartland Binge

I realize writing about a TV show is one step away from going days with out changing out of my pajamas and owning five cats, I hate cats but I'd have puppies that never leave my side.C'all it a part of the winter blues down in Cape May, which is a small price to pay for the wonderful summers down here. Writer's block seems to have kicked into full swing, that and the demise of my one laptop, yes  I'm still on mom's Toshiba.  One night mom and I were surfing Netflix  and came across a Canadian TV show called Heartland about  the Fleming family who owns a horse ranch in Alberta, Canada.

The show stars  Amber Marshall who plays Amy Fleming who does am,azing things with injured and mistreated horses. This is a trait inherited from her deceased mother Marion, She lives on the ranch with her grandfather Jack, the patriarch of Heartland, her sister Lou, the business woman who later transforms cabins on the ranch into a semi- dude ranch getaway retreat.  The show begins by portraying life on an Canadian ranch Two episodes into the first seasons we're introduced to Ty, on a prison-work program who in the beginning can't even ride a horse but in time shares Amy's love of horses and eventually is hired as a vet assistant and later becomes a vet himself . Of course Amy and Ty develop a relationship and well I won't go into details there.  There are plenty of story lines to grab your attention where  Amy and Ty  rescue a troubled horse. Or Amy helps an injured veteran get back up on h is horse after an injury. In another episode Amy and Ty work with a horse training to join the RCMP mounted unit.   Of course there are kinds of sub-plots that explore members of the Fleming family. I don't need to detail for this post!

Watching the show every night reminded me of the time I tried horseback riding up  at Country Lee Farm up in Pomona, NY. I think my mom found it thro ugh one of my therapists back when I head therapy multiple times a week. I enjoyed riding, even tried a few different techniques if I could recall.  I was excited driving what back then seemed like a long ride. I even remember some of the other kids I met. The problem always was my neck control wasn't good back then so it was suggested I stop' Every time I see a horse, I think about  those times. That's why I can't get enough of Heartland it takes me back to one of the few times in my life  I wish I could repeat

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Sylvia said...

I've binged on Heartland, too! Love that show! Visiting from Love That Max!