For those who have read this blog, browsed m y website or have seen my posts on Facebook, it's pretty common knowledge I have Cerebral Palsy. I have had it since birth because a doctor messed up.  I was a breech baby and the doctor  let my mother's labor progress causing a prolapsed umbilical cord, when he should have performed an emergency C-Section. For the sake of time and not getting off topic I won't go into details, however it was a pretty clear cut case of medical malpractice. I found the details of my delivery almost two decades later and filed a lawsuit against the doctor. The lawsuit settled out of court and I thought that would be the end of it.......

After a few years after, there was a push t cap on what are called "non-economic" damages, that effect people who don't work, especially children and women. This was really a backdoor to lock people lock myself out of the justice system. Lawsuits like the one I filed against my doctor are extremely rare. I was one of the only people who sued the doctor nineteen years after the malpractice happened. Very few people have that option, primarily  because they don't have the mental capacity to understand the concept of a .lawsuit, let alone file one, I was "lucky" in that respect.

Of course the American Medical Association's #1 priority is to protect doctors, and doctors claim "frivolous lawsuits" drive up the cost of medicine. Doctors claim they run more tests than usual because they're afraid of getting sued, when the truth  is a lot of them get kickbacks from companies to run those tests. Doctors have also steadily increased the amount of drugs they prescribe, especially anti-depressant drugs, more on that in a second. The AMA spends millions of dollars lobbying Congress for ways to limit doctor liability. They have tried everything in the book to protect its members, even though some of them  ruin and yes end multiple lives on a daily basis. You're three times more likely to be killed by a doctor than a gun. So much for "First do no harm". It's more like, "First cover our asses." Now I'll be the first to admit, there are more good doctors than bad doctors. I've had wonderful doctors help me over the years. However  they can't circle the wagons fast enough when one of their own injures or kills a patient. I went up against. some of them, they are. a mean bunch when they're on the defense. You've heard of the "Blue Wall of Silences" in terms of police?  Well there's a "White Wall of Silence" among doctors. Only a very select few call their colleagues out when a mistake is made. They blame everything but the doctor's "did their best". "Suing won't ease their pain". "All these so-called victims want is a quick pay-day and of course the lawyers get their cut

Alright now that I got my feelings down I need to tie this into the school shootings and the recent activism by those high school students and their hatred for the NRA.  Like 'everyone else I feel awful to hear about another school shooting. It's usually a kid with real mental issues that either go untreated or the kids refuses to take his (all shooters have been male) medications properly. The doctor takes no responsibility when the medication has side effects . He usually bullied in school, been made an outcast by his peers and  tries to get help, but is told to "toughen up"., He escapes to the violence in video games or movies. Our poor fellow watches as "the good guys" kill the "bad guys" and live happily ever after. All of these thoughts and feelings are stirring inside him.  The taunts continue h;e decides the only way out of this misery is to destroy the problem.  There's no attempt to connect with this unstable person

The National Rifle Association's #1 priority is to  protect legal gun ownership and usage. It should be noted the NRA doesn't sell guns to its members nor provides them with the ammunition. They promote gun safety and provide courses on how to operate guns properly  Every time there's a shooting the shooter is immediately connected to the NRA, even though not one NRA member has committed a mass shooting.I AM defending the NRA because unlike their doctor counterparts, they condemn shootings. The NRA has been around a long time. Mass shootings have  been occurring for about twenty years.The only thing the AMA condemns is people they injured seeking justice. The AMA doesn't punish doctors when they injure or even kill a patient, they defend them!

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