Welcome to Justin Mattes's Blog

Usually there's a lame welcome message as a first post, why should I be any different. You read a little about me here a little of what I have been up to. I love to write and figured why not share my thoughts with the world!! Includede with this will be comments on my hobbies such as police scanners and license plates. Check out http://www.bergenscanner.com for frequencies for Bergen County and http://jmattes.tripod.com/plates for my license plate website I'm going to really work on this at least a few times a week as a writing exercise!!! I promise all the posts won't be as stupid as this one so give me a break!! So here it is my blog!! OK it might be lame in the beginning but just you wait I might surprise you with my wit !!!Visit often because I plan to post often! Take it easy!!!


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