Armstrong Tower Review

The first word that came out of my mouth was "WOW"! I have honestly only have said it a few times and meant it, this was definitely one of those moments. Anyone who has been on a hill- in Bergen County has seen this things and probablly 90% of the them say how awful it looks ! The problem with that comment is people who say it don't have a clue what the tower has done for all kinds of broadcasting, especially FM. When the World Trade Center collasped a lot of the companies that lost their antennas had back-up services at Alpine so they were back on the air in no time! I got an inside look at the repeaters used by Conrail and NJ Transit there were a lot of paging companies. It was a once in a life time oppritunity because like everything else after 9/11, security is definitely A LOT tighter!! FYI they call it both the Armstong Tower (named after the inventor of FM radio) and the Alpine tower!
For the people keeping tack I did bring the BC246T but didn't get that much action which was a little disappointing because I saw people walking around with VHF ht's! This is one o f the few time close call didn't work! Oh well!
Alright definitely one other highlight was meeting another one of my radios buddies up at the tower,. Now I don't use his real name because he's just knowned to every as KP. He's an engineer over at NBC and has access to all kinds of radio equipment. Like other companies NBC uses equipment oly once durig major events and then throws it away. So he had a scanner just lying around brand new and asked if I wanted it!! "Another radio" my folks said, but it's nice just to have one dedicated just for fire. I always sell my old radios and use the money to purchase new stuff. So for once I have two working base scanner going at once which is very cool! Thanks again for the scanner KP!
Not bad for a Saturday......... Although it could have been a LITTLE cooler!!!!!!!

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