Planning the site out

As a designer of several sites I have to admit one of my worst mistakes was just jumping in without any plan. I first got on the web one night during the summer when I didn't have an idea what I was doing. The word "index pages" didn't mean a thing to me, neither did I understand the difference between the HTM and HTML file extentions. It was a police scanner site and that was it. I should have understoo that to make things orginized you need to put things in directories. duh! And everything was on one page there wasn't any rhyme or reason to it. There it was and it didn't even occur to me to separate the pages or how everything looked jumbled together. The main thing was it, I Justin had a website.
Over the years I have learned well some what. Take the Tripod site. A few years ago Tripod "accidentally" deleted me website, hey it's free s o it happens. So I panicked and instead of waiting to see if it came back up, I immediately moved to Geoccities. Now rebuilding the site wasn't the problem because luckily I did back most of my website up! HA! The pain was e-mailing everybody to say the site had changed!! Alright it too k a few days to get everything setup. By that time geuss what happened? the site was back to normal!! OK so I couldn't maintain both and unfortunately my loyal to Tripod won over to my common sense. So I left m license plate site on Tripod, and decided to keep my writing on Geocities. Are you confused yet? It turns out Yahoo eventually bought Geocities anyway. That's why I also have an e-mail] with Yahoo, but that's another story.
To make matters worse before I went over to Geocities I started another website up with tripod which I forgot about all together, under jaymatt1978. The username look fimilar? It shoud it's the address of my blog AND my e-mail. I should probablly have the thing trademarked !
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