Summer storms

Well we just survived some wicked weather tonight, I have to write something about it. The winds kicked up abot 5pm and the rain soon after! It came in and out of town faster than a speeding bullet! Something out of the movies I swear
y dinner was cut short because I wanted to spend the time at the command post listening in to the action. You know I never understood the need for more than one scanner until tonight. I have one just sscanner all the fire channels which came in real handy. You always hear folks say keep the emergenc y channels afew key presses away, tonight that advice finally paid off tonight. The damage on Glen Road was completely unreal, tree limbs were all over the place. I even saw a huge limb on a car truly amazing. Now the advice about not going to a scene is true, you should NEVER GO TO AN EMERGENCY SCENES but you can drive past! I know the owners of the car and all I can say is thank God\ nobody was in the car. Over all the storm went through pretty quickly and luckily nobody got hurt.
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