Hams get noticed

Alright call me biased but I think ham radio operators really aren't getting enough credit. I have heard or read about the numerous communication failures when I know one communication aspect has been up and running constantly since before the storm hit, that's the HF (High Frequency) Net provided by amateur radio operators like myself! You know I cringe when I hear on the news "all communication is down". I along with other ham radio operators wished someone would say something about the efforts of our comrades in the south. Leave it to a fellow ham to bring our operations to the forefront! You can call half of us cazy, because we are, but when it comes down to it, we always come through. We were there in the wars from Veitnam to the current stuff in Iraq and we are coming through in not only Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, but were helpi So when one of us writes about we whe do in times of disaster, we all like to pass it around!
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